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Russian language

The list of site language versions was updated: today we added Russian to support the fast-growing segment of Russian-speaking BitActivity users from Russia and Eastern Europe. Now, Russian-speaking investors can surf the platform more freely without undergoing difficulties with translation.

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Cardano, Monero, OKB, NixMoney, and official representatives

Meet the next innovations on the platform: the list of available payment systems and coins has been updated, and we added a program for platform representatives.

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Arabic language and system performance

We continue to confirm our multinational status — now BitActivity is fully available in Arabic! To switch to the Arabic version, select the language by opening the list in the top menu of the page.

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Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, Maker and PIN code for payments

We continue to expand the list of cryptocurrency payment methods and now we accept even more coins: Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, and Maker token have been added to the platform.

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We continue adding new language versions of the platform: the Vietnamese version is available right now. Investors and partners from Vietnam no longer need to use online translators or adapt themselves to work with BitActivity in a foreign language.

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Huobi Token,, Coin, and Uniswap

Now there are four more cryptocurrencies available for payments on BitActivity: we added Huobi Token,, Coin, and Uniswap.

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