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Huobi Token,, Coin, and Uniswap

Now there are four more cryptocurrencies available for payments on BitActivity: we added Huobi Token,, Coin, and Uniswap.

Clients of the platform can invest using new coins starting from 2 HT, 0.0005 YFI, 50 CRO, and 2 UNI. The minimum withdrawal amount for these tokens will change in real time, so the current minimum is displayed on the withdrawal page in the "Withdrawal limits" section.

Latest news

Russian language

The list of site language versions was updated: today we added Russian to support the fast-growing segment of Russian-speaking BitActivity users from Russia and Eastern Europe. Now, Russian-speaking investors can surf the platform more freely without undergoing difficulties with translation.

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Cardano, Monero, OKB, NixMoney, and official representatives

Meet the next innovations on the platform: the list of available payment systems and coins has been updated, and we added a program for platform representatives.

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Arabic language and system performance

We continue to confirm our multinational status — now BitActivity is fully available in Arabic! To switch to the Arabic version, select the language by opening the list in the top menu of the page.

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