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About the company

The BitActivity platform is a product of Bit Activity Limited, embodied by a team of professional participants of the cryptocurrency market, i.e. experienced traders, IT-developers, risk managers and financial managers. We develop unique models for automated trading of coins and tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges and then integrate them into BitActivity as a profit-generating mechanism for private investors.

Areas of activity
Crypto trading

Professional trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and the creation of productive trading models

Crypto data analysis

Technical analysis of large crypto data and in-depth research into crypto industry trends

Risk management

Systemic management of possible risks at each stage of interaction with finances

Our team

Kasper Barnes


Harry Lyons

Finance Manager

Thomas Dean

Investment Director

Gyles Payne

Leading Trader

Richard Stokes

Head of IT engineering Department

Jessica Parks

Head of Analytics Department

Oliver McGee

Top Risk-control Manager

James Weaver

Head of Marketing Department

Mabel Wood

Press Manager

Emily Rice

Senior Consultant

How does it work?

  1. Investments with BitActivity

    You register a personal account on the BitActivity platform and make a deposit in the selected investment program. Already at this stage, the company's partners profit from the investments of clients invited by them.

  2. Speed algo-trading

    Smart algorithms at ultra-fast speeds make profitable automatic transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges under the safe guidance of BitActivity traders using the assets of the company’s investors.

  3. Profit accruals every second

    The lightning-fast nature of trading allows us to pay out profits as quickly as never before in investment start-ups: we update your deposit balance every second!

Simple and fast One minute sign up, profit − each second!

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